*Ward 4 Council Office Overview
The 6kW system installed at the Ward 4 Office (Southeast Service Center) was part of the building which is the first example of Tucson’s Sustainable Energy Standard, now required on all city buildings. The building uses daylighting, high efficiency HVAC system, extra insulation and energy efficient lighting to reduce energy costs. When this building was constructed in 1999 it was also the first City of Tucson building with photovoltaics-24 250 watt ASE solar panels. In 2009, the City celebrated 10 Years of Solar at the Ward 4 office. The system is still going strong, although the original Omnion inverter was replaced after 7 years of service with a Sunny Boy 6000 inverter. The installation costs were partly paid for by a grant from the Tucson Coalition for Solar. An educational kiosk in the lobby provides information about the energy saving aspects of the building and data on solar output. The solar system was originally installed by Progressive Solar. Communications connections made by Technicians for Sustainability.
Ward 4 Council Office PV System Hourly Production
Ward 4 Council Office PV System 30 Day Production History
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