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September 2016: Sunny Portal Professional Package

Status MonitorAnalysis Pro

Additional functions and greater performance:The new fee-based Sunny Portal Professional Package offers an optimized status display, more data and at the same time faster processing as well as improved analysis options. Whether for general performance analysis or specific troubleshooting, the Professional Package takes monitoring via Sunny Portal to the next level.

Your system portfolio at a glance:With the new Status Monitor, you have an overview of your entire system portfolio. You can detect any problems occurring more quickly and incorporate these better into your specific working process. Based on extremely current data, you can see the most important status of each system at a glance.

Rapid and detailed system diagnostics:With the professional package, you receive access to all PV system data necessary for a detailed analysis at a resolution of five minutes. With the fully redeveloped "Analysis Pro" page, we are providing you with a tool with which your can analyze masses of data flexibly, quickly and intuitively.

Availability: The Sunny Portal Professional Package is now available for all customers within the EU and Switzerland via the SMA Online Store.

You will find more information at


February 2016: Sensor Technology and Energy Balance

Energy balance for Cluster Controller: Displaying the Sunny Portal page "energy balance" for PV inverters in both of the operating modes open-loop control and closed-loop control.

Sensor technology in the dashboard: From now on, the page "System Overview" contains information on a wide variety of sensor information from your system, insofar as the respective sensor technology has been installed. As such, the wind speed, irradiation, temperature and, where available, the resulting performance ratio consideration, for example, will be displayed directly on the system dashboard.

Polish: Sunny Portal is also available in Polish from now on.


March 2015: Continuous Improvement

Sunny Portal

Optimized PV-system list:The strengths of the new PV-system list lie in particular in the management of a large number of PV systems. Waiting is a thing of the past. Thanks to the integrated search function and the ability to download and continue processing the list, you can work more effectively and save valuable time.

String configuration: The ability to document the string configuration for the entire PV system is now available within the PV-system properties. What previously had to be managed separately and cryptically for each individual inverter is now central, fast, and elegantly manageable.

New-Device assistant:The assistant for the managing- and configuration of new- and replacement devices has been optimized and aligned with the design of the PV-System Setup Assistant.

Turkish:With immediate effect, Sunny Portal is now available in the Turkish language.


October 2014: Standardized Overview

System overview for all PV systems: The page "PV System Overview" with its informative display tiles on the status of your PV system is now available for all PV systems in Sunny Portal. For existing PV systems - with the exception of Sunny Home Manager systems - this will be activated as the initial new system home page.

Free selection of the system home page: You can now select your individual home page for your PV system from the pages available under the menu item "Configuration > System Presentation".


July 2014: Load Overview

Load OverviewLoad BalanceCurrent Status

Separation of SMA Radio-Controlled Sockets and Loads: In the new version, SMA radio-controlled sockets and loads have been clearly separated. You can now assign names to the SMA radio-controlled sockets within your system and to the loads that are connected to them. This means that you can assign a meaningful name to a load, for example a washing machine, and equip this with an additional image. The loads named in this way can therefore be identified more quickly in the Load Overview.

Load Overview:The new Load Overview offers you a quick overview of the loads, their activation and the configured time periods for connection. With one click you can now access the configuration of a load and make changes to the settings, such as the time period for connection. The loads currently configured and also the loads operated in the past - selectable via filter - are displayed in the Load Overview. Cable-connected loads are also supported alongside the loads connected via SMA radio-controlled sockets.

Weekly Plan for Loads:* The previous daily plan for SMA radio-controlled sockets has been extended to a weekly planner. You therefore have the option of distributing various time periods over a week and thus can better tailor the time periods for connection of the SMA radio-controlled sockets to suit your requirements. Furthermore, you can assign loads to your SMA radio-controlled socket more flexibly, so that you can control the energy consumption in your household depending on the season, for example. This means that you can use an SMA radio-controlled socket for the ventilator in summer, whilst in winter you can connect the heater instead.

Extended Load Balance and Control: The Load Balance and Control has been extended and improved. You can now show and hide the balance graphics of individual loads in the diagram as well as combining them together (stacking) in order to achieve efficient utilization of the PV energy. You can also view the energy mix (PV energy, battery energy, purchased electricity etc.).

Extended Consumption Forecast Presentation:* In the Consumption Forecast, the times of loads planned in by Home Manager are now also displayed. As a result you can identify exactly when your connected loads will run. Therefore you can plan you power consumption even better and decide whether, for example, to mow the lawn or charge your electric vehicle late in the afternoon or postpone these to the next day.

* These features only are usable with the next Sunny Home Manager firmware version V. 1.10. The new firmware version will be available in the near future.


March 2014: Extended System Overview

New Display Tile for Systems with Integrated Energy Storage:
Two new display tiles have been added to the System Overview especially for Sunny Boy Smart Energy connected via Webconnect technology. The "Current Consumption" tile displays the power that is currently being consumed your system. The second new tile, "Current Battery Status", displays the state of charge of the batteries and the amount of PV power currently being used for charging.

System Overview

November 2013: Optimized Energy Balance

Energy Balance

"Energy Balance" Diagram Revised:
The Energy Balance has been divided into the areas "Consumption" and "Generation" for better clarity.
The Consumption area gives a break-down of the source of the energy consumed in your household (PV system, battery storage system or utility grid).
The Generation area, in contrast, shows how the locally generated energy has been used (direct consumption in-house, charging a battery storage system or for grid feed-in into the utility grid).
Under the graphic you will find a new menu group "Balance" with which you can gain a quick overview of the cumulative values of the time period of interest. In particular, the calculated values "self-sufficiency quota" and "self-consumption quota" provide you with a quick overview of how independent your own energy supply is.


October 2013: New User Functions and -Languages

New Functions on the User Interface: The Sunny Portal has been equipped with interactive titles and a simplified navigation. You can now show and hide the menu area and the titles individually and have access to the PV System List with one click.

Improved Meter Configuration: Systems with Sunny Home Manager that include several SMA Energy Meters are now easier to configure. As a result you can now tailor the measuring of the energy flows to your requirements even more easily via Sunny Home Manager and evaluate the results more intuitively.

New User Interface Language: The entire user interface is now also available in Japanese. Therefore customers in this emerging photovoltaic market can also use the globally-proven user interface in the language of their country.

PV System List

August 2013: New Energy Management Functions

Current Status

Alternative Live Display of the Energy Flows: For systems with Sunny Home Manager, you can now switch between the two display options "Pie Chart" and "Bar Chart" on the page "Current Status and Forecast". The new bar chart also includes the state of charge and the current charging-/discharging power of the battery storage system alongside the clear presentation of the energy flows. In addition it shows the calculated values "self-sufficiency quota" and "self-consumption quota" and therefore provides you with a quick overview of how independent your own energy supply currently is.

Configuration of Time Periods Bridging Two Days: For systems with Sunny Home Manager you can now configure the time periods of the automatically controlled SMA radio-controlled sockets to continue into the following day and therefore further improve the intelligent energy management. In particular, intermediately-stored solar power can be used even more intelligently for internal power supply.


Additional Functions:

Information Reports with Energy Balance: For systems with Sunny Home Manager, the information reports in PDF format have been extended to include a detailed energy balance. The data is in a new section of the regular information report sent per e-mail and is in the same format as in the portal user interface.

Personal Settings: After clicking on your user name, you can now specify your preferred base units and review further information regarding your account.

Sunny Portal

June 2013: Extended Energy Management Functions

Load Balance

Improved Visualization of the Time Periods

For systems with Sunny Home Manager, the priority settings of the SMA radio-controlled sockets in the respective time periods are now highlighted on the Load Balance and Control page. As a result, devices which must run and those which can run can be identified at a glance.

SMA Radio-Controlled Sockets with Priority Settings

For those SMA radio-controlled sockets in systems with Sunny Home Manager, you can determine priorities and therefore prioritize important loads over others. If the priority for a washing machine is set for example to "very high" and no other load has an equally high priority, then this load will be switched on in all cases when sufficient solar power is available.

Evaluation of the PV Generation Forecast

For systems with Sunny Home Manager, the generation forecast has been geographically extended and is now available for all countries worldwide.


Additional Functions:

More Detailed Messages in the System Logbook: For systems with Sunny Home Manager, logging in the system logbook has been extended to include "Grid Management Services" and "Limiting of the active power feed-in". As a result you can verify all external requests to your PV system for power limitation in detail and scrutinize the resulting reduced income reimbursement in the statement from grid operator.

Grid Management Services via Ethernet-Based Communication: In order to satisfy the conditions for KfW aid (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau - German Development Loan Corporation) for battery storage systems in Germany, the Sunny Home Manager includes an Ethernet-based interface as of firmware version 1.06. This interface can, for example, be used by your grid operator to limit the active power feed-in of your PV system remotely or to change the reactive power settings. The enormous advantage for the PV system operator lies in the costs avoided in not having to provide a (radio-) ripple control receiver as access point for remote control via the grid operator.

Sunny Portal

February 2013: Integration of Sunny Backup and Webconnect

Current Status

Integration of Sunny Backup: As of firmware version 1.04 the Sunny Home Manager also supports the SMA Bluetooth Piggy-Back Off-Grid (for Sunny Backup Set S). Therefore the Sunny Backup Set S can also be integrated into the intelligent energy management of the Sunny Home Manager and be used for increasing self-consumption and self-sufficiency. The operating data of the Sunny Backup Set S will be visualized and evaluated on the pages "Current Status and Forecast" and "Energy Balance" in the same way as the Sunny Island or the Sunny Boy Smart Energy.

New Standard Page for Sunny Backup and Sunny Island: For systems with Sunny Backup and Sunny Island there is now a new standard page with the most important measured values for these devices. This greatly simplifies the initial configuration of the devices.

PV System Monitoring at Module Level: Monitoring at module level is now available for systems including the Sunny Boy 240 micro inverter. Via the realistic arrangement of the PV modules in Sunny Portal, you have access to a detailed analysis, diagnostics and yield control at all times. The module- and inverter data is presented in real time and shading and module problems can be recognized immediately. In addition, the automatic reporting offers the security of being kept up to date on the status of your investment around the clock.

Hierarchical Device Overview: On the "Device Overview" page you can now select a hierarchical view in which individual system-tree components can be expanded and reduced. The new display option offers a quicker overview - especially in systems with several data loggers and devices.

Panel-Level Monitor

December 12: Limiting of the Active Power Feed-In & New Page "Analysis"

Sunny Home Manager: With immediate effect, the Sunny Portal with Sunny Home Manager allows the limitation of the active power fed into the utility grid - either to a fixed value or to a percentage of the nominal PV system power. If the generated PV power minus the value for self-consumption reaches the indicated value, the Sunny Home Manager prevents further increase in PV generation.


Analysis: A new "Analysis" page is available for PV systems with Sunny WebBox, Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth, Sunny Home Manager and Cluster Controller. Here, you can graphically present and evaluate the most important data and events of your PV system without additional configuration. A flexible and intuitively operable user interface will support you.


October 12: Webconnect

Communication: The direct data transmission from the inverter to the Sunny Portal – without the need for additional SMA devices – is one of the greatest advantages of Webconnect.

PV System Monitoring: Webconnect – the perfect solution for residential PV system operators who want to monitor their inverters and access inverter data online using Sunny Portal. The new SMA technology makes it possible – no data logger required – and for up to four inverters per Sunny Portal system.

PV System Overview: With the help of the Sunny Portal live interface you can always see the most up-to-date status and the current power output of your PV system.

Aktuelle Leistung

March 12: Sunny Home Manager

Aktueller Status

Energy Management: The Sunny Home Manager is the control center for the SMA Smart Home, our integrated energy management solution. The various system elements Sunny Home Manager, Sunny Portal, the SMA radio-controlled sockets, the Sunny Island storage system, and of course the SMA inverter are ideally matched.

PV System Monitoring: The Sunny Home Manager provides seamless and convenient monitoring for all residential PV systems.

Sunny Portal Live Interface: The status screen shows the current power data in both animated live graphic- and numerical value forms.


August 2011: Feed-in Management

Power Reducer Box: The Power Reducer Box is as of now visible as a device in Sunny Portal. See the current device status and the grid operator's specifications on feed-in management for your PV system.

Immediate notification: As of now, you can choose to be notified via e-mail from Sunny Portal, in case of modified feed-in management specifications by the grid operator.

Evaluation: The new "Feed-in management" page informs you clearly about all of the grid operator's specifications for active power limitation and, where applicable, for reactive power output.


July 10: Average Yield Expectations

Monthly distribution of expected annual yields: Based on PV system location and sun position Sunny Portal suggests a distribution of the annual yield. Worldwide.

Device Configuration: A new assistant helps adding and replacing devices in existing PV systems.


December 09: Reporting adjustment

Report creation: Thanks to fundamental revision, the report creation is faster and more reliable.

Significant subject: Number and type of events can already be identified from the subject of the e-mail. By forwarding event reports to an SMS service, you will be informed in more detail in the future.

Optimized workflow: PV system logbook and report configuration can be accessed directly from the event report.

Energy and Power

New standard page "Energy and Power"

An overview of energy values for day, month, year and the total runtime is now available as standard for every PV system in Sunny Portal.


Additional functions:

Sending pages: Links to the presentation in the publicly available area of can now easily be sent via e-mail.

Table with specific inverter yield: A new default table shows the specific yield for every active inverter containing the current day, month and year plus the meter reading of the total yield.

Date for the entire page: If more than one table and / or chart are displayed on one page, the date for all elements of the page can be changed.

Sunny Portal

October 09: New functions for presentation and analysis

The introduction page

The introduction page

The calling card for your PV system. This introduction page is the starting point for your visitors in Sunny Portal. Here, you can create an appealing introduction for your company and PV system. Useful information can be seen at a glance. If you have several PV systems to manage in Sunny Portal, you can present these simply and uniformly.

The annual comparison

The annual comparison

The summer was extremely sunny? How does that affect the yield of your PV system? The new annual comparison feature enables you to see the yields of your PV system in a compact overview.


Additional functions:

Revised PV system features: all the data for your PV system is consolidated at one central point.

Sorting function: as of now, all tables can be newly sorted by one click, thus simplifying your analysis.

Slide shows: pictures that you have published on the online platforms Flickr or Picasa can now be easily linked as a slide show.

HTML editor: compose texts in Sunny Portal as you are used to from your normal editing program.

Picture management: with the new picture gallery, you can manage your pictures and logos for your PV system.

Simplified menu: with improved navigation, you can find what you are looking for even more quickly.

Stay "logged on": save the time needed for entering your user details - as of now you always stay logged on in Sunny Portal.

Sunny Portal

August 09: New functions for PV system monitoring

Communication monitoring

Being even better informed: monitoring the communication between
Sunny WebBox and Sunny Portal

PV systems with the professional data logger Sunny WebBox regularly send measuring and event data to the Sunny Portal. Should this communication be disturbed, you can choose to be informed about this matter in future. Sunny Portal reminds you in case of persistent disturbance and gives the all-clear as soon as communication is re-established.
And those who want to have even more details: the time of the last contact with the PV system is displayed in Sunny Portal at any time.

Inverter comparison

Inverter comparison: evaluating the inverters' yield automatically

The performance of PV systems with at least two Sunny Boy or Sunny Mini Central inverters can be evaluated with a yield comparison. The specific yield of the inverters is compared and Sunny Portal informs the operator in case a defined threshold is exceeded. With few settings, you determine which devices are to be compared. And it is possible to configure the alarming threshold on your own: in case of deviations you receive a daily email from Sunny Portal.

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